utorak maj 17 , 2022
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Falco AF 3000 is the super- automatic New Tyre Changer, created to meet the most demanding applications in the Car Tyre Market. Its new hydraulic tools allow to work on all wheels without damaging the rim and without using the lever. Furthermore, it will avoid any effort to the operator, that will have to control his operating by the
control switch unit, simply. The several possibilities, given
by the tools combination with the two bead breaker rollers,
make the machine particularly fast and suitable to work on all tyres, run flat and PAX wheels particularly.
The standard equipment, that includes the Lift and the Helper Arm, allows to work in a simple and effective way
on all types of tyres till 30” diameter, 22” width and till 80
kg weight.

Technical features

Two speed motor for a greater operating versatility - Tubeless tyre inflating
device - Hydraulic roller bead breaker - Hydraulic mounting and
demounting device - Pneumatic Lift - Centring system with cones -
Additional arm “helper”

Technical specifications

Max. wheel diameter

1500 mm.

Rim diameter

da 10" a 30"

Wheel width

22"    590 mm.

Max. wheel weight


Net weight

500 Kg.

Electric motor hydraulic circuit


Electric motor reducer

1,2-1,7 HP   1-2 SPEED

Pression of pneumatic circuit

800-1200 KPa

Pression of hydraulic circuit

100 BAR

Bead breaker force

1400 Kg.

Lift force

80 Kg.


75 db


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