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SBM 125 A “low rotation speed” electronic wheel balancer allowing faster operation, increased versatility, and lower energy consumption. The SBM 125 can operate on all car and light industrial wheels. It has large double display for clear effective readings Technichal features Technical specifications Max. wheel diameter 900" Rim diameter from 10" to 26" Wheel width from 1" to 20" Max. wheel weight 65 Kg. Net weight 129 Kg. Electric motor 230/V-1.6A-50/60Hz HP Pression of pneumatic circuit BAR Balancing speed (rp.m.) 167 giri/min. Noise db Programs - Series for internal positioning adhesive weight - Separation of weights (invisible weights) for hiding balancing weights behind races, improving quality/aesthetics ratio. - Optimisation of wheel imbalance reading for greater balancing accuracy.


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